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Your strategic partner in Latin America. Securely send and receive payments anywhere in the world.

Payments across Latin America

Pagomundo is a leading global payment service provider, with country-specific payments solutions across Latin America. We work closely with our international business partners to provide employee and contractor payment solutions. Our unique system provides merchants a centralized payment solution throughout Latin America. Our team includes industry leaders in banking, cross-border remittances, pre-paid and credit cards issuing, corporate finance, compliance, legal and international taxation.

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How It Works?

Sending payments to your payees has never been easier.

01.Create Merchant Account

We provide businesses with scaleable, low-cost payment solutions for employees, contractors and more. Our onboarding process is fast and simple. Start making payments to Latin America in 2 business days.

02.Link Payees

Attach your payees to your merchant account via API or from our web dashboard. Users receive an invite link to instantly activate their profile and link their banking information.

03.Send Money

Send payments from your Pagomundo account to your linked users via API or from our web dashboard. Payments are processed in less than 3 business days.

Why choose Pagomundo?

Your strategic partner for LATAM payment processing.

Easy Integration

We make it easy to programatically link and pay your clients with our robust set of REST APIs.

Lowest Fees

We have the lowest fees in the industry. Merchants pay $0 fees, and recipient are charged a low flat-rate with no currency exchange fee.

LIVE Support

We pride ourselves in providing the best customer support in the industry. We have dedicated support staff ready to help in your native language.

Safe & Secure

All transactions and payment data are securely stored and managed. Communicate securely via REST APIs or Web Dashboard.